December 2, 2014

Philadelphia Eagles might trade for Torry Holt?

torryholtI was listening to Howard Eskin on 610 WIP on the way home from the gym today.  Yeah, I’m pretty ripped.  And Eskin stated that ‘he could see the Philadelphia Eagles trading Reggie Brown to the Rams for Torry Holt.’

Howard Eskin is pretty tuned into the Philadelphia Eagles and doesn’t throw stupid talk around like most idiots (see Angelo Cataldi & Rhea Hughes).  Eskin did not hear trade rumors from any of his sources, but merely expressed a hunch that both the Eagles and Rams could make the deal.

PHOTO CAPTIONTorry Holt will 100% definitely be a Philadelphia Eagle next year, maybe.

The rumors are out there that the St Louis Rams are going to either trade or cut Torry Holt during the offseason.  And Reggie Brown seems to be on his way out of Philadelphia.  So, why not trade the two receivers for each other?

The only problem with this trade that doesn’t make sense is that Reggie Brown sucks and Torry Holt does not suck.