December 1, 2014

Bryant McKinnie avoids a trial

bryantmckinnieBryant McKinnie has avoided a trial for agreeing to go through a court-ordered program that includes 25 hours of community service and anger management classes. He also has to avoid getting arrested again to complete the program. Certainly, that’s no easy task for a man that struck a bouncer with a heavy pole outside a nightclub.

The article on describes the incident better than we ever could:

McKinnie was arrested early Feb. 24, 2008, outside of Miami’s Club Space. Miami police said McKinnie spit in the face of a bouncer when he was removed from the club, then, after heading across the street to another establishment, returned to Club Space and argued with the bouncer, Eric Otero. McKinnie then allegedly shoved his phone in Otero’s face before picking up a heavy pole and hitting him.