December 1, 2014

Harry Kalas dies

harrykalasNot sure what to say here other than I’m stunned. Phillies legendary announcer Harry Kalas passed out in the Nationals press box today and was rushed to the hospital. He was later pronounced dead.

The cause of death hasn’t been released at this time, but Kalas did undergo surgery in February which caused him to miss most of spring training.

I simply don’t know Phlllies baseball without Kalas. Even all the years that the Phillies were unwatchable, they were watchable because you could always listen to Harry. I remember when I was in school in Boston and we were watching “Inside the NFL” on HBO. Harry was doing the voiceover and I told my friends that this guy is our baseball announcer. They looked and me and said, “this guy does your baseball games??!” His voice was that great. Anyone would have loved to listen to him for 162 games.

“We lost Harry today,” David Montgomery, the team president, said. “We lost our voice.”

The Phillies will still play their game today against the Nationals, but they have cancelled tomorrow’s visit to the White House to meet with President Barack Obama.

Kalas was 73 years old and had been broadcasting Phillies games since 1971.

Jason Peters not close to sign or trade

jasonpetersmainIf it seems like we are talking about the Bills constantly, it’s because we are. Marshawn Lynch, Roscoe Parrish, Terrell Owens, and don’t forget about Jason Peters.

Tim Graham of says that the Bills aren’t close to either trading or signing tackle Jason Peters. He is an elite tackle, but the Bills still question his commitment and don’t want to pay him the ginormous salary that he is demanding.

And guess who’s name came up as a potential trade partner? The Eagles! No, seriously!

The Eagles’ name has been thrown in this trade rumor for months now. According to Graham, the discussions start with a first- and a third-round pick. Also, according to a league source the Bills and Eagles have not had any discussions regarding Peters.

If the Eagles were confident that Peters wouldn’t be a malcontent and that they could sign him, I’d pull the trigger on the first- and third-round picks. Although, I think he could be had for less considering he didn’t show up until two days before the opener last year. He seems determined to be a problem if he’s not paid.

Think about it, what are the odds that you could select a tackle at his level with either of those draft picks? They aren’t good. Even if you traded up, you’re going to select a highly rated prospect, but that’s all he is. Robert Gallery is a nice guard, but he was drafted #2 overall to be a tackle. He stunk at tackle. If you can use draft picks on a sure thing, why wouldn’t you?

The big question for me is how he would behave once you gave him the money. If he’s the offensive version of Albert Haynesworth, I wouldn’t do the deal. But I don’t know the answer to that question. Hopefully, someone a lot smarter than me in the Eagles front office has that information. And who knows, maybe that’s why they haven’t spoken to the Bills.

Mets bid to go undefeated falls short

oliverperezOliver Perez gave up eight runs in just 4 1/3 innings as the Mets fell to the Cincinnati Reds 8-6 today.

Many New York Metro area denizens were crushed as the Mets had hopes of an undefeated season not long ago. The loss drops them to 2-1 and speculation is rampant they could slide into a tailspin.

Lynch suspended three games

76359926GS013_BUFFALO_BILLSRoger Goodell decided recently that he’d prefer that NFL players didn’t get arrested on weapons charges. How do we know? Well, he suspended Marshawn Lynch for three games after Lynch was arrested in California on gun charges back in February. A search of the car that Lynch was riding in produced a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun in the trunk.


Photo Caption: A really big picture of Marshawn Lynch.

So yeah, Lynch has now had gun issues and running-over-people-and-fleeing-the-scene issues. If he screws up again, he’ll be looking at a much longer suspension.

Nick Adenhart killed in car accident

nickadenhartLos Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed in a felony hit-and-run car accident early Thursday morning in Fullerton, CA, according to TMZ.

Hours after the 22-year old finished pitching in a game, police say a minivan blew threw a stoplight and caused Adenhart’s Mitsubishi to hit a light pole, killing three people including Adenhart.

The person driving the minivan fled the scene, but was later caught and charged with felony hit-and-run.


Bengals sign a Tank

tankjohnsonHow do the Bengals not know that when they sign people like this, everyone is looking at them laughing? The Bengals have signed former Bear and former Cowboy Tank Johnson.

Johnson was suspended eight games in 2007 for multiple violations of the Personal Conduct Policy. He also served two months in prison for violating the terms of his probation.

Welcome to Cincinnati, Tank!

Martellus Bennett tackles the issues

martellusbennettThe Dallas Morning News made a great decision in asking Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett to blog for them. He struggles a bit with the written word, but it shouldn’t matter because his keen insight on life will make up for it. So what does he blog about? Women farting. We’re serious. I wonder what the editor of the DMN thinks of this great content.

Man what do you do if your chic farts?It doesn’t seem as if women
should fart. I was walking in the grocery store in the chips and dips
aisle. This lady was walking in front of me pushing her cart she
stopped to pick up some pringles and let one rip. Sounded like a growl
and and a motor but smelt like a dead carcus. OMG! Now I knew it
wasn’t me LOL and we were the only two people on the aisle. She just
smiled and kept walking like nothing happened the smell followed her.
I swear I could see it like smoke out of a train just nasty.
My boy told me he was kissing a girl and she gave him a silent killer.
This is definitely a mood killer. Do you continue to kiss her? This is
a WWMBD moment (What Would Marty B Do). I would of definitely stop
kissing her LOL and asked her if she was ok. But this is what he did
he started sniffing the air and asked her if she smelled what he
smelled. She said naw I don’t smell anything, and kept it moving. He
asked her again you sure you don’t smell anything and she said yes
hunny I’m sure. Then she asked what it was he smelled he started
laughing and said oh nothing.
I guess women have to let go at times too but it just doesn’t seem
right, but if they do then it shouldn’t smell or make a sound. I mean
come on if you were on a date with Angelina Jolie a lunch date eating
spaghetti and pancakes or whatever it is people eat in Hollywood and
as she’s feeding you she farts. Do you let her slide because of her
beauty or call her out?

Sabathia takes a huge dump on field

ccsabathia1CC Sabathia, the big pitcher that the Yankees got a great deal on in the offseason, decided that rather than throw a baseball to a catcher repeatedly, he would just take a big wet dump on the pitchers mound.

The Yankees are currently down 6-3 and Sabathia left in the fifth inning after giving up six earned runs in 4 1/3 innings. He walked five, struck out none and had a 12.46 ERA.

I’m sure Red Sox fans were just crushed to see him take this big steamer in Camden Yards.

Sean Avery pops Tim Thomas

This is great. I don’t know why I am a fan of Sean Avery. Yes, he is, by most counts, a dick. But I just don’t think this is that bad. Funny? Yes. Would I be pissed if he did it to me? Yes.

Garcia signs with Raiders

jeffgarcia2It’s confirmed. The Oakland Raiders have signed 39-year old Jeff Garcia to a contract.

Stay tuned to other sports websites with access to better information to stay on top of this big story. Jeff Garcia played with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2006. He also played with the 49ers at one point. Oh, and he played for the Browns. And the Lions. And the Bucs.